Thanks for downloading the Art + Media Kit for Revolutionary Love! This toolkit contains information, graphics, and messaging that activists around the US are using for Revolutionary Love: Weekend of Resistance for Migrant Justice. We believe that coordinated actions and images will offer hope to people suffering inside immigration detention facilities and will send an urgent message to politicians and people of conscience around the country that we are fighting together through PEOPLE POWER! We hope you will use this kit as a template and inspiration for your own signs, banners, and actions at the detention centers near you.

Art & Mediakit Revolutionary Love! (pdf)



     It is clear the situation in this country is dire and urgent. Human rights are being violated daily at our borders and across the country. Civil liberties are being eroded with policies and signatures of those in power. Trump is threatening to call for a state of emergency while ignoring the climate change emergency that will surely result in crisis that will further destabilize countries already struggling with poverty, war and persecution. 

It is time for us to RISE UP!

     A group of volunteers and activists from across the country spent their Christmas Holiday doing just that. Christmas in Tornillo was a brown led resistance and 10 day occupation at Tornillo, TX  a US run tent internment camp that held almost 3000 teenagers. At Christmas in Tornillo, occupiers found themselves engaging in both a resist and an assist. They went there to do direct actions outside the camp but ALSO ended up  volunteering and funding an emergency shelter after ICE dumped 200 people, including women and children at a Greyhound bus station at 11 p.m. at night with ZERO resources. We are haunted by what we saw. Sick children with no coats and parents who had no money for Tylenol or even food. Parents told us horror stories of the Hieleras, their name for the border patrol overcrowded holding cells where families are being detained together. One father described sleeping for several days on a toilet holding his baby daughter because there was no room to lay down. Mothers described begging for water because their breast milk was drying up and they would have nothing to feed their children. As a result of this infants were being fed Ramen Noodle.

     Even though DHS is saying Tornillo was “shut down” (ICE simply opened 1000 more beds at a detention center in Florida)  we are returning Feb. 14-18 to Tornillo and the region for a Revolutionary Love Weekend of Resistance.This time we are also being joined by some amazing freedom fighters like Patricia Okoumou who courageously scaled the Statue of Liberty to protest family detention. We are returning because there are STILL children and family detention centers, families are STILL being crammed in border patrol jails with little water and food and simultaneously other refugees who went on a hunger strike to protest these conditions and treatment are now BEING FORCE FED by DHS! 

     Recognizing the border is everywhere. This is also a national call to action and we invite your organization to be a part of this. You can find out more about this here on Fb@creativebrownresistance. We have also included as an attachment our Art and Media tool kit which includes our demands and graphics and our zine which was our community report back on the occupation. We are hoping you can join us in this effort. If not, perhaps you can help fund us. None of us are getting paid to organize. Many of us are mothers, college students and or work multiple jobs while devoting HOURS a day to this effort. We are artivists who do creative direct actions and often use our own money to fund these. For this reason, donations to our go fund me and sharing it widely in your circles would be greatly appreciated

Tornillo: The Occupation: 

     We look forward to working with you.

In solidarity and liberation 

Tornillo: The Occupation 

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