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U.S. Attorney Berman: Drop Charges Against Patricia Okoumou

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March 19, 2019

8:00 a.m. 

500 Pearl Street

Southern District Court of New York



Draw public attention to my sentencing by engaging respective public figures.

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Lives are Under Attack! Rise Up, Fight Back

Increasingly in this country, people of conscience who protest or do acts of resistance are criminalized.  On December 17, 2018 Patricia Okoumou, the Activist who climbed the Statue of Liberty to protest Trump Zero-Tolerance policy on immigration was found guilty on all three counts of federal misdemeanors: trespassing, disorderly conduct and interference of government function. “I’m hoping that this is an opportunity for me not only to talk to the judge but the whole world as I did on July 4th to remind everyone that we have children in cages” -Patricia Okoumou. Because of her act of courage and resistance, Patricia is now facing up to 18 months in prison. We send love and support to Patricia who returns to Federal court March 19 for sentencing. You can support her by writing letters today to members of congress, demanding no jail time, especially while those that are making these policies, profiting and perpetuating horrendous sufferings, such as force-feeding these asylum seekers aren’t held accountable for their crimes against humanity.

I, the undersigned, am aware that Therèse Patricia  Okoumou was found guilty at her trial on December 17th of three federal  misdemeanors: trespassing, disorderly conduct and interference with  government agency functions.

Despite the real prospect of spending 18 months in prison, “We stand  on the right side of history. I am not discouraged,” Patricia said after  being sentenced. Our Lady Liberty remains steadfast in her mission to  continue campaigning against the immoral and inhumane family separation  policies of the Trump administration. 

Since Patricia's trial, new information has revealed that the extent  of the Trump Administration's outrageous “zero tolerance” policy, which  it has consistently LIED to the court and the American people about, is  even worse than previously known.

The federal government has ripped apart tender-aged children from  nursing mothers. It has flown thousands of young children across the  country away from their families and placed them in cages. Some of The  Children are being forcibly drugged and others sexually molested in  internment camps. There have been deaths of asylum seekers, as young as 7  years old, under the care and custody of border patrol agents and  Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE).

As part of our basic right to protest, outlined in the constitution,  Patricia climbed the Statue of Liberty to increase awareness of this  injustice, and I stand in solidarity with her! When we fell low as a  country, Patricia went as high as she could to raise consciousness about  these atrocities.

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U.S. Attorney's Office

Geoffrey S. Berman  

Southern District of New York

1 Saint Andrews Plaza, NY, 10007

Subject: In solidarity with Patricia Okoumou

Dear Attorney Berman,

I write to express my strongest support for Therese Patricia Okoumou, our Lady Liberty.

As you might have already heard, on December 17, 2018, Judge Gabriel Gorenstein found Patricia guilty of trespassing, disorderly conduct and interference with government functions for climbing to the base of the Statue of Liberty on the Fourth of July.  

Patricia's action was an effort to highlight the federal government’s immoral and inhuman child detention policies, otherwise known as Trump Zero-tolerance policy on immigration.

As my [official’s title], I believe your vocal support of Patricia Okoumou is critical and necessary in order to raise public awareness of the real danger of incarceration Patricia faces for bravely putting her body on the line against dehumanizing treatment of migrant children. The migrant children are being locked in cages as wild animals.

Attorney Berman, please commit to issuing a public statement in support of Patricia in advance of her sentencing court date, March 19th.

I’m sure you would agree that Trump Zero-tolerance policy, which the courts have struck down, implemented in any other country, would be quickly and loudly denounced here in the United States of America. 

It is our job now to oppose what our government is doing at the border, and to loudly demand Zero-cooperation with this horrendous policy!

Yours sincerely,

[Name of sender]

[City, Zip Code]

Reunite the families!

No more separations!

No human being is illegal!


Patricia Okoumou speaking to the press on 08/03/18.

Patricia Okoumou speaking to the press on 08/03/18.

Support Patricia Okoumou

It is our job now to oppose what our government is doing at the border, and to loudly demand Zero-cooperation with this horrendous policy!

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