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Michael Avenatti

Patricia - thank you for your courage, compassion and leadership on this critical issue. 

Little Chairs Big Differences

Little Chairs Big Differences, an early childhood education and social justice  organization in Brooklyn, NY stands with Patricia Okoumou and the brave  and creative resistors standing up for migrant justice on Valentine's  Day.  We have been a contributing partner in this action and will be  participating and spreading the word in our schools and communities. 

Suze GX Designs

Patricia you are an inspiration to us all! #ReturnTheChildren

Rise and Resist

Rise and Resist supports Patricia Okoumou! We are sending letters of support for Patricia to Attorney Berman, and will be present inside and outside 500 Pearl St. on 3/19 for Patricia's sentencing 

The Resistance Company

All  roads lead to the border. It is no surprise that New York's bravest  leader in human rights, Patricia Okoumou, is answering the call. We  stand with her on any land. 

The Red Handed Warrior Society

We,  at The Red Handed Warrior Society, stand in unity with our warrior  sister Patricia Okoumou, as she fights injustices in the legal and  immigration system.  


Missouri Immigrant and Refugee Advocates


"Radical  love and action should never be a crime!! Patricia's courageous act to  protest family separation and detention is something to applaud  especially when the politicians who are implementing these cruel  policies walk free!" Elizabeth Vega, Founder 

Freedom Socialist Party

Freedom Socialist Party endorses the Valentine's Day action and commends  your efforts to bring humanity and awareness to crimes being committed  at the border.  


 Thank you for leading with love and connection! We join with you! 

Reverend BIlly & The Stop Shopping Choir

Patricia you are our teacher!

Together We Will Long Island (TWWLI)

Thank  you for your bravery and bringing attention to this issue that is far  too often unreported and ignored. TWWLI is happy to endorse this action. 

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Frontera Water Protection Alliance

The Frontera Water Protection Alliance stand behind Patricia Okoumou and her actions of peaceful non-violent direct action for the protection and release of children and youth from detention centers. Patricia Okoumou should not be charged with any federal charges or misdemeanors, as protesting is a constitutional right. She did not, in any form, act with violence, nor vandalize, threaten, or destroy anything in her any of her actions.

US Human Rights Network

We must support and protect human rights defenders!

Refuse Fascism NYC

Refuse Fascism NYC endorses the Valentine’s Day action at the border. 

NYC Metro Raging Grannies

 Thank you Patricia for your generous and courageous action. We cannot sit back and watch children being separated from their families, caged and abused. 

Sacred Stone Village

We stand for the future with green energy we stand for the children we stand with Patricia 

Sacred Stone Camp

We stood against a billion dollar company and injustice we stood for the water and we stand with Patricia who stand for the children

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Progressive Power

We are a political action group in Northern Manhattan and we stand with Patricia Okoumou in her passionate commitment to end the separation of children and families. This policy is cruel and damaging to innocent children and families legally seeking asylum. Family separation is morally reprehensible and the true crime.

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LaDonna Allard

I support Patricia and her efforts to bring awareness to the children in the bondage by the United States at the border to stand up against injustice we must Stand 

Paul DeRienzo

Thanks for your bravery.    

Joseph Sellman -BLMGNY

In solidarity with your campaign for the children 

Terence Roethlein

In  the past, Patricia has done the ultimate by putting her body on the  line for immigrant children. I endorse her current action because I know  she is serious about her work and I believe she can get results. 

Jay W. Walker

Patricia Okoumou's bravery in the face of this barbarous, autocratic, proto-fascist trump/pence regime to stand up for asylum-seeking children and families driven from their home countries by warlords and drug gangs (who are propped up by the illegal drug marketplace here in the USA and are armed with guns manufactured in and sold to them from USA) is a powerful testament to the need for US citizens to hold our government and elected officials to account for their unconstitutional and immoral actions. Our government, at the direction of donald j. trump and kirstjen nielsen, has been kidnapping children and losing them in its bureaucracy for years. It is also creation horrific environments in detention facilities in which children are being beaten, psychologically tortured, and raped BY AGENTS OF THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT. It is no surprise that many sheep-like native born Americans choose to pull the wool over their eyes and avoid facing the hideous cruelty being committed IN THEIR NAMES against people indigenous to this hemisphere. Perhaps that is why we need Patricia Okoumou the most: to force us to open our eyes to what the United States of America has become, and what it will become unless we put a stop to the sadistic excesses of this trump/pence regime.