About Me

How I am Helping

I am continuing the momentum built on Independence Day to forge solutions on the issue of family separations at the border. The national government is still ripping apart thousands of families. My goal is to make sure that  young children can never be put in cages in our country ever again.

Get Involved

Because my activism didn't start on July 04th, it will not stop then; so, I am asking everyone to pitch in and  raise awareness around this injustice. Let's not tolerate this cruel and inhumane way of dealing with immigration.

Thank You

I am really blessed with a supportive team of professionals, such as Jabir Faqir, John Anner (Ansar Partners), Ivy Arce and  Suze GX Designs. Without these individuals' time and effort, my feet will not get off the ground three months into this movement #ReturnTheChildren.