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Patricia Okoumou’s Fundraising Video

My name is Patricia Okoumou, a national symbolic figure who courageously scaled the Statue of Liberty to protest against Donald J. Trump’s Zero-tolerance immigration policy. I am sharing the attached video to raise funds for my trip to the southern  borders for our Valentine's  Day Action. In this long journey, I will be delivering  your postcards to the innocent human  beings that the Trump Administration has locked in cages for political  gains. Donate Now!

Video: Tornillo The Occupation

Send a Valentine’s Day/Dia Del Amor Y La Amistad postcard to show some love to migrant children!

Valentine's Day Action


Valentine's Day Cards for Detained Children

On  July 4, 2018 Patricia Okoumou scaled the base of the Statue of Liberty  to protest the U.S. federal government's policy of ripping migrant  children from their families and locking them in detention centers.

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Stephen Figurasmith wrote this song about Patricia to empower the youngest among  us to follow her example and become advocates for human rights and  figuratively climb as high as they can climb in the pursuit of social  justice.

The Patricia Okoumou Song

Amor y Amistad

Throughout  Mexico and Central America, Valentine's Day is referred to - as the day of #amorYamistad (love & friendship). 

Please spread the word on social media using our hashtags #WeDoCare, #ReturnTheChildren and #Liberty4Patricia.

Host postcard writing workshops within your community

  • The focus of our Valentine’s Day Action has now shifted to  U.S. Attorney Geoffrey S. Berman  of Southern District of New York.
  • We urge you to host postcard writing events within your community in the spirit of love and friendship to rally freedom for Patricia Okoumou. 
  • Our goal is to collect Valentine's Day Cards symbolic of the thousands of children affected by the Trump's Zero tolerance immigration policy.
  • We encourage young people and adults to write and send a postcard as an act of love, friendship and creative protest to this designated centralized location: U.S. Attorney Geoffrey S. Berman of Southern District of New York.
  •  I am in El Paso, Texas from 02/14/19-02/19/19, where I‘ve come to pick up and deliver your postcards.
  • Our Valentine’s Day Postcards have been delivered, along the borders by a caravan at migrant shelters, detention centers and at a facility in Mexico.
  • Another way you and your group can get involved is by creating a tweet storm using these hashtags:  #amoryamistad #WedoCare  #ReturnTheChildren #Liberty4Patricia #LadyLibertyClimber.

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Amistad Printable (postcards) (pdf)


Generic 2019 Back (postcards) (pdf)


Valentines Day (30 Labels) (pdf)


Patricia Okoumou


Hereby Demands That Donald J. Trump

Reunite All Detained Immigrant Children With Their Families Immediately!


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About Me




When I climbed the Statue of Liberty on July 04, 2018, I wanted to express the urgency of stopping our government’s reprehensible and inhumane treatment of migrant children. I was fearless, bold and brave in the name of justice. I wanted no one to forget that children have been forced into cages and that we must do everything we can to stop the imprisonment of children. Even today many of these children are still in cages. Tender-aged children have been ripped away from nursing mothers. Toddlers are being asked to testify in court. Parents are torn apart with grief and very little has been done to reunite these families. As a matter of facts, Donald J. Trump’s profiteers, his cronies and minions are making billions of dollars on these concentration camps. On September 18th, FEMA chief Brock Long faced an investigation for violating ethics rules. Steve Benen from The MaddowBlog broke this story out, as reported by the Wall Street Journal.

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How Do I Move Forward?


I am asking moms and dads to hit the streets, march with empty strollers as symbolism of the missing children. Create signs and posters that reads: #ReturnTheChildren.

Join Me In Peaceful Protest!


I, Patricia Okoumou, scaled the Statue of Liberty in the name of justice because this callous administration is  in violation of the 14th Amendment of the Constitution. donation